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June 25, 2018
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July 4, 2018

The recently-concluded Mid-year Crossover with Dr. Chris Okafor was a 2-day power packed crusade of The Greater Liberation City Church at the police college, Ikeja. As expected, the Master of all masters, our Lord Jesus Christ came through as prophecies,  miracles, deliverances, and showers of blessing filled the atmosphere and sicknesses, diseases and all problems troubling attendees was cast out.

The crusade was fully loaded as it features great ministers of God with the likes of  Eben, Joe Praise, Samuel Enang, Amaka Joel and Gabriel Peter. It was really a wonderful time in the presence of God as the Mid-year service witnessed the manifestation of God’s everlasting grace in the lives of His children.

Also addressing the congregation, the man of enjoined the congregation that they should serve the Lord in righteousness so that God will bless them, for it is righteousness that exalts a person. The generational prophet of God further told the people never to relent in their prayers and also the constant reading of the Bible because that is the only power that can overcome sin.

In his ministration, Dr. Chris Okafor urged Christians to abstain from sin as it diminishes the glory of God in our lives, adding that, “It takes one person to sin and everybody to suffer”. He further encouraged the congregation not to lose hope on whatever situation they find themselves, according to him, “Heaven will not rest until you are blessed” and “I pray for you today, you will never be stranded”, “May you enjoy the good abundance of  life” and “may your mocker be your workers”

Dr. Chris Okafor  prayed against curses and afflictions, in his words  “Every demonic law that has been programmed against you, in the remaining six months of this year, let it be denied” and “Every Lazarus that have died in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ…come alive!”

To wrap it up, he encouraged the people to partake and support the ministry as “you cannot get the provision when you are not part of the mission”.








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