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Mid-year Cross-Over With Dr. Chris Okafor
July 2, 2018
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July 11, 2018

Dr. Chris Okafor, the senior pastor of Greater Liberation City Church AKA Liberation City who is truly on a mission to win 1 Billion souls for Christ as acclaimed and is not stopping anytime soon as he trots the globe with the message of liberation and takes the great sound of abundance to the nooks and crannies of different cities in Africa, Europe, Americas and Asia.

This year has seen outreaches in Nigeria, Liberia, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and now America, Jamaica, Canada and UK in the coming days.

Dr. Chris Okafor

His most recent outreach at Ikeja Lagos, tagged MID-YEAR CROSSOVER held at the police college was a two day event power packed with prophesy, praise and deliverance. There were musical ministrations from gospel singers like Eben, Joe Praiz, Gabriel Peters, Bernard and other psalmists from the liberation choir. The atmosphere was charged with the presence of God as people’s hearts were made ready to receive from God. The ministrations were soul searching as people lifted up their voices in total surrender to the lordship of Christ.

Dr. Chris Okafor

Dr. Chris Okafor, the generational prophet took center stage ministering the word with simplicity, power and truth.  At about this time, prayers and prophecies were said at intervals and miracles of different kinds were recorded across the auditorium.

Dr. Chris Okafor

One of the notable miracles recorded was the disappearance of a cancerous lump from a woman who was already scheduled for a medical operation. The crowd was wild with excitement as the said woman was divinely located and prayed for after which she was told to check herself in the restroom. The lump busted leaving blood stains on her blouse and the mystery behind the cancerous lump was broken; the woman walked away a free woman.

The mighty move of God was felt across the monstrous crowd as people rededicated their lives to God and made prayers for the remaining quarter of the year. Dr. Chris Okafor admonished the people to renew their hope and to finish the remaining half of the year strong. Wouldn’t you?

The generational prophet is set to unleash the liberating power of God on tonight in Maryland, USA. The program is expected to be a prophetic one and one of the sure medium of liberating and winning souls for God. Be sure to join Dr. Chris Okafor Live on Liberation TV if you are not in USA, Jamaica, Canada or the UK.

For most of us, these times are trying and quite distressing, only God can offer the solace we now seek both as individuals and as a nation. Why not join the 1 billion March with Dr. Chris Okafor aka the oracles as he liberates nation’s leading them to the lordship of Christ.

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